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underweight” (“World Hunger Statistics” 1). Drastic action must be taken from developed countries to combat conflict and global warming so that the citizens of every nation have the right to live a life where food is certain. Global hunger, while a large-scale issue, is resolvable through the elimination of waste and the pursuit of sustainable agriculture. One only need walk through a restaurant and see wait staff pick up half-eaten plates of food that will inevitably be scraped into a trash can. This type of waste happens all over the world, from food spills in agriculture, distribution losses, and restaurant and supermarket waste. Even a waste of energy occurs in manufacturing when, “The largest amount of energy is consumed in industrialized …show more content…
Private companies have investors and more importantly, a supply in demand. Unfortunately, these are the effects of a capitalist society where the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. A popular argument for the failure of underdeveloped countries is that they are not taking advantage of the free market when in reality, the free market is taking control of underdeveloped countries. Biofuel is a large contributor to the global food crisis for multiple reasons. Biofuel is essentially ethanol that is produced by the fermentation and distillation of corn. Typically, fuel for motor vehicles is 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. While ethanol is better for the environment for its purification of gasoline and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, it also heavily raises the prices of corn, a staple crop, in many developing countries. For example, Nebraska, the largest producer of corn in America, began to develop ethanol plants all over the country and used so much corn that the state of Nebraska had to import corn in order to meet the demand. The simple solution to this is to grow more corn to meet the needs of the ethanol industry and public necessity; however, it is not that …show more content…
Conflict in the Middle East is largely caused by the Sykes-Picot agreement or Asia Minor Agreement of 1916 that allowed for Britain and France to seize control of most of the Middle East after defeating the Ottoman Empire in order to build an oil pipeline for their use. Jerusalem was left as an unagreed territory in terms of ownership, which caused conflict because it was the Holy Land that Christians, Jews and Muslims had been fighting over for a millennium. This only created more conflict in the Middle East and has turned the Middle East into a theocratic anarchy now known as ISIS. With this sort of conflict, thousands are hungry and

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