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Bird Personality

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Reflection with personality test
Sakura Chen 10E

From my chair, this test provides me a new recognition of myself. I was called INFJ person, and having this kind of personality means that I am a person who focuses on the inner world, who focuses on the possibilities, who cares about others feelings, who prefer to judge more. I wholehearted agree with this result of this test.

Obviously, it is true that I am an controversial person. It is the personality that sculptures me to be seen as “reflective” or “reserved”, that forces me to spend too much time on thinking instead of doing practical things, and that enables me to move into action quickly enough. I always work independently with my own thoughts, it is not I don’t put trust in anyone, I just want to be inside a smaller world, which contains me and the ones I have common with.
Meanwhile, it is also true that the result showed I am an intuition person. Were there no intuition personality, I would not think about the possibilities of everything, I would not be imaginative, I would not be an intelligence person, and I would not solve problems by jumping between different ideas. However, it showed that I am intuition, so that’s why I am interested in doing things that are new and different.

Moreover, the result tells the truth that I am a person who does really care about feelings. Thus, I care about the feelings from children, from adults, from classmates, from my family members, and even those things which don’t have spirit inside, such as a table, or an egg. On the other hand, I always think far beyond the person who is talking with me, I think about why did they say that, why did they use that word, and even why did they choose to talk to me. Undoubtedly, I always think more than one could imagine.

What’s more is that I am a real judging person. The more things I need to do, the more plans I had, the more...

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