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Point and Counterpoint: Abortion and Alternatives - Article 13, for Sunday, July 2, 2006

· Louisiana Senate Committee backs a bill requiring that women planning an abortion be told of a baby's pain during abortion.
· The AMA votes to promote Living Wills after the Schiavo exkperience.
· Pro-Life organizations petition U.S. Bishops to become more assertive regarding pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians and their continued access to Holy Communion.
· The Vatican this week applauded the actions of doctors who kept a brain-dead pregnant woman in Italy alive until the baby was delivered.
· A Federal Appeals Court has supported the right of Pro-Life groups to join an abortion "conscience clause" case regarding medical personnel.
· A new book published in Italy provides more evidence that RU 486 is unsafe for women.
· In Missouri, Pro-Life advocates have filed suit over the State's denial of use of "Choose Life" auto license plates. This issue is also alive in Connecticut, currently in the hands of Attorney General.

· Planned Parenthood has announced that it will use its political power for the benefit of Pro-Abortion candidates. This group performs the gretest number of abortions in the U.S., and has sold over one million "morning after pills". There is a message here for all of us who send charitable contributions either to PP or to organizations that support PP.
· There are too many examples of State governmental, non-governmental and private actions that are pro-abortion, anti-parental role, pro-embryonic cell research, anti-Catholic, and pro-euthanasia to highlight here. But the pro-abortionists are increasingly active, especially in an election cycle.

· A California bill to legalize assisted suicide gets a hearing next week.
· Germany, the host nation of this year's World Cup, legalized prostitution in 2002. Thus, in Germany any woman under 55 who remains out of work for one year while receiving unemployment compensation is forced to take any job...including prostitution...on pain of losing her benefits. I kid you not.
· Bishops in Switzerland are decrying the creation of babies solely for medical purposes, the latest form of eugenics. One case involves a baby conceived in Brussles through artificial insemination for the specific purpose of being a compatible blood marrow donor for her sick brother. Human beings as merchandise.
Why is all this important? Because Abortion is an advanced cancer weakening our nation's political life and future. And because each of us has an active role to play, armed with the information provided here and elsewhere. And that goes for the organized Church also, which has too often been intimidated by IRS cautions that prohibit support of specific candidates, but not expressions and teachings of principles like pro-life / anti abortion. So, all of this effort is a call to action. You are being given the do something. Make your voices heard.

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