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Birth Contol Issues

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World arguments for and against birth control and population

Women in the 20th century truly look at population and birth control differently from earlier centuries. One of the reasons includes accessibility of free birth control in developed countries. World arguments for and against birth control and population are on the rise. It is well known for the controversial nature of the debate and creates differences for people who are for and against. The debate on birth control has issues like women status, religious doctrine, services needed, human rights, and population control and development.

Arguments For Birth Control
Services Needed Free birth control services are needed in many countries. Due to the access of free birth control in America, it is a woman’s choice to receive it or not. "In the spring of 2013, 40% of privately insured women in the United States on birth control pills paid nothing, up from 15% in the fall of 2012. Women who use contraceptive ring climbed from 23% to 52% (Smeltz, 2014, ¶3)". In under developed countries access to free birth control is not always available. “Of the 1.5 billion women of reproductive age in developing countries in 2012, 867 million (57%) wanted to avoid pregnancy and therefore needed contraception. The number of women wanting to avoid pregnancy increased by 151 million between 2003 and 2012” (Darroch, 2013, p.4). Over populated areas are limited to resources. With these resources limited epidemics run wild and extra resources needed to help sustain these countries.

Human Rights
Women’s rights have been in effect for some time now. As humans, women should be able to choose what to do with their fertility. Contraceptives are available and it should be the women’s choice to accept or reject any type of services. In addition to the right to birth control, women have the right to access healthy medical...

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