Birth Control Policy

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Introduction Core Competency
Going Public with Birth Control Policy in China
PART 1. My first statement containing rant and emotion.
My View of Birth Control Policy in China
One thing makes me furious is the birth control policy in China. One family one child is a bit of thick. True, it’s an effective way to reduce population, but a great number of fetuses were killed before they see the world every year and nobody could tell how many families lost their only child by accidents and no more happiness in the families. The only-child is like a king in the family, parents give him whatever he wants. Over time he thinks everyone should treats him well because he considers to deserve this. So most of the kind of children become very selfish and lonely. Besides, it is such a pressure for those cheapskates to support their old parents, not only on the score of money but time. The more time on parents, the less time on work. No work, no money. How could they support their parents without any money? It’s a paradox! What worse, most of the post-80s don’t know how to care about others, even they don’t know how to care about themselves. The policy is most controlling urban families but not rural ones. Most of the urban families have ability to bring up more than one child and offer a good education, however, they only have one child. In rural area families have at least two children but with low education. Is it the purpose of birth control, to nurture more and more less educated people?

PART 2. My “Go Public”.
Birth control policy, also known as one-child policy, has effectively checked the trend of over-rapid population growth in China so that the country has an impressive recent growth. Too much praise will be a barrier to development. To identify problems will be helpful to move fast. Some people think abortion is a cruel and barbaric practice that should be done…...