Birth O Athena

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An Amphora From The Past

A very well preserved Amphora with the Birth of Athena and a four Horse Chariot, Greek, 560-540BC, Group E, Attic, Terracota black figure painting, is available for view at the Yale University Art Gallery. The amphora stands in a glass case that allows the viewer to observe each detail of the amphora at a very close proximity. At simple glance you can see an oval shape Greek pottery vase with handles at each side. The amphora is made of clay with internal details seemed to be accentuated into the bodies to make certain parts stand out. The amphora is done with figures in silhouette all in black with hints of red and white. At first glance in the front of the amphora you see five figures done very delicate and grateful patterns in profile. In the center of the vase there is a figure that stands out from the rest of the figures on the frontal view of the vase.

As you go around the vase four horses seem to be pulling a chariot that gives the impression of coming towards the viewer. The chariot is being commanded by a person dressed in white also in a frontal view. Also there is the presence of some geometric designs at the top and bottom of the amphora. Underneath the throne there is another small figure with a robe elegantly wrapped around the robe. At a closer view we see leaping from the top of the head of the central figure a very small person fully dressed in black and red ready to jump into action. In the center of the vase seating in a throne is Zeus with feet close together but one in front of the other floating in the air. The throne is done in black wit a hint of white and ends with a head in the shape of a duck done on brown colors. The legs of the throne seem to be hanging in the middle with a very thin string. He is clearly in command but you can sense the presence of complete harmony among the other human…...