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Biscuit Management Plan

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In Saudi Arabia, businesses have flourished greatly over that last couple of years. Global Family businesses, In Riyadh to be specific, have become vastly recognized in the field of business and finance. We have chosen a company that has established a great form of management. BbThe company, like any strong successful business, has many strong and prestigious competitors, therefore, it focuses on every aspect of management and leadership. For the company to gain its respect, it has to develop a strong management plan, strategies., innovation, and mainly ethics.

The United Food Industries Corporation Limited Company was set up in 1986 under the brand name of "Deemah" with the primary motivation behind assembling scone
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In the year 2006, the organization presented Maamoul Biscuits in its current scope of Biscuit items. The market has reacted extremely well towards the Maamoul Biscuits.

Then again, the sweet shop manufacturing plant represents considerable authority in the creation of Hard confections in different flavors; Gums and Chewy confections; Toffees; and Lollipops, all in different flavorsis new production line was gone for fulfilling the enhanced request from the market

The Company is consistently dynamic in statistical surveying and item improvement to stay aware of the market slant and fulfill it's regularly developing business sector base. Plans are as of now under approach to present new items, for example, potato chips, tidbits, juices and other foodstuff which have demonstrated mainstream in the territorial market and past.

The Company is additionally dedicated to enhancing the nature of its current items and in addition in acquainting new items accordingly with the changing tastes and market
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This is an affirmation of their vision to achieve and produce the best quality in the food industry in the Arab or foreign markets. From the beginning of manufacturing and distribution in 1986 to our date, Dima is the best image of the best producer and distributor of food in Saudi Arabia and maintains its first position in the manufacture of high quality food among all its local competitors. For good basis of management and leadership, Deemah focuses on the Ethics of its brand. Their vision is mainly good quality, convenience, and

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