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Green and gold the colors that will never get old! Welcome to home of the Wildcats since 1927! Bishop State is one of the many historically black colleges in the United States. The Mission of Bishop State Community College is to provide high-quality educational opportunities and services that are responsive to individual and community needs for the citizenry of Mobile and Washington counties at an affordable cost. BSCC offers great programs to fit the schedule of its students. Bishop State Community College is a state-supported, open-admission, urban community college located in Mobile, Alabama. The College consists of four city campuses, dedicated to serving the residents of Mobile and Washington counties in southwest Alabama. The College is part of the Alabama College System, the state-supported network of two-year community, junior, and technical colleges that serves the residents of Alabama. BSCC has all-year round admission but has a limited amount of space, first come first served. With over ten different divisions such as division of social studies, division of economics, division health related professions, division of humanity, division of natural science and mathematics, division of commercial and industrial technology, division of consumer & transportation, and the division engineering and construction. In the president message on the BSCC website he inferred that they did not an area of specialty that they tried their best to thrive in all subjects they offer. BSCC has a diverse population with a total of 3,215. Here is a table of the gender and racial composition of Bishop State Community College.
American Indian/ Alaskan Native 13 14 27
Asian/ Pacific Islander 23 31 54
Black/Non-Hispanic 368 971 1,339
Hispanic 16 28 44
Non Resident Alien 66 45 111
Race Un-Known 18 26 44
White/Non-Hispanic 319 564 883
Total 1,054 2,054 3,215

BSCC tries its best to make college affordable to its students, with tuition ranking from an annual $109.00-$1962.00. This includes credit hours, tuition, technology fee, renewal fee, and bond reserve fee, and faculty renewal fee. While attending this college you have the choice of off-campus living or on campus living with newly renovated dorms. Unfortunately BSCC only has on-campus schooling so there aren’t any international programs. Bishop State has many recreational activities such as men’s basketball, women’s basketball, man’s baseball, women’s fast pitch softball, cheerleading, and the Jazzettes. I think Bishop State University would be a wonderful college to attend with all its course offerings, athletics, and diverse population!

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