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Gambo, Hauwa. ” We won’t negotiate under Boko Haram’s conditions –Presidency”, November 5, 2012 8:33 am,

Euronews, “Nigeria: Boko Haram call for peace with conditions”, council on foreign relations, 04/11 11:03 CET,

Campbell , John. ” Boko Haram Offers Cease Fire Opportunity?” November 2, 2012

This day live(No author). “FG/Boko Haram: A New Peace Deal?” Nov, 11, 12

Walker, Andrew. “What Is Boko Haram?” May 2012, United States Institute of Peace,

ATTAH , GODWIN. GAMBRELL , JON. “7 killed, 100 wounded in Nigeria church bombing“ Seattle Times, Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 5:28 AM ,

Wikipedia, ” Religion in Nigeria”, 20 September 2012 at 01:10,

Smock , David. Hayward , Susan. Huda, Qamar-ul. ” Religion and Peacebuilding” 2012

Agande, Ben. Binniyat, Luka. Ovuakporie, Emma. And Akinboade, Laide. “Nigeria: Suicide Bomber Hits Another Kaduna Church”

ALABI, CHRISTIANA T. “Nigeria: Kaduna Begins Inter-Religious Exchange Program for Schools” 13 JULY 2012
Leadership. “Onaiyekan, Kukah, Others Sue For Peace, As Victims Of Bomb Blast Are Buried” Wed, 01/02/2012 - 4:05pm…...

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Biv of Poop

...Geography Tebbets 11-14-12 Bibliography Gambo, Hauwa. ” We won’t negotiate under Boko Haram’s conditions –Presidency”, November 5, 2012 8:33 am, Euronews, “Nigeria: Boko Haram call for peace with conditions”, council on foreign relations, 04/11 11:03 CET, Campbell , John. ” Boko Haram Offers Cease Fire Opportunity?” November 2, 2012 This day live(No author). “FG/Boko Haram: A New Peace Deal?” Nov, 11, 12 Walker, Andrew. “What Is Boko Haram?” May 2012, United States Institute of Peace, ATTAH , GODWIN. GAMBRELL , JON. “7 killed, 100 wounded in Nigeria church bombing“ Seattle Times, Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 5:28 AM , Wikipedia, ” Religion in Nigeria”, 20 September 2012 at 01:10, Smock , David. Hayward , Susan. Huda, Qamar-ul. ” Religion and Peacebuilding” 2012 Agande, Ben. Binniyat, Luka. Ovuakporie, Emma. And Akinboade, Laide. “Nigeria: Suicide Bomber...

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...raphael   Born  1483, ​ Urbino, Italy    Died  April 6, 1520    Known for  Painting   Architecture  Notable work  The School of Athens  1509–1511  The four Raphael Rooms  (was the largest work of his  career)  1508­1524  william shakespeare   Born  Around ​ April 23, 1564,  Stratford­upon­Avon, United  Kingdom    Died   April 23, 1616    Known for  Playwrighting  Poet  Notable work  Two Gentlemen of Verona  1594­95  Romeo and Juliet  1594­95   niccolo machiavelli  Born   May 3, 1469   ​ F lorence, Italy        Died  June 21, 1527        Known for  Historian  Politician  Philosopher  Writer and  more...  Notable  work  Discorsi Sopra La Prima  Deca Di Tito Livio  1531  The  Mandrake  1528   Il Principe  1532    francis bacon  Born  January 22, 1561,  Strand, London, United  Kingdom        Died  April 9, 1626        Known for  Philosopher  Scientist  Essayist and  author  Jurist and more...  Notable  work  The Great Instauration   History of Life  and Death  Novum  Organum  The New Atlantis  nicolaus copernicus  Born  February 19, 1473, ​ T oruń,  Poland        Died  May 24, 1543        Known for  Heliocentrism  Copernicus' Law  economist  scholar  Notable  work   ​ De revolutionibus orbium  coelestium...

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