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Black and White Privilege in America

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Black and White Privilege in America
Jacki Barnes
Davenport University

Diversity in Society – SOSC201
Professor Narketta Sparkman
October 21, 2012
Black and White Privilege in America
There are many definitions of “white Privilege” in text books, media, and on the internet, but all of those definitions include one common thread: It allows white persons advantages over non-whites and it is a form of social privilege. According to Akbar (Koppelman, 2011, p. 44), white privilege originated with the arrival of the white man in America. He states that, “They began to effectively eliminate any contradiction to the imposed redefinition of reality that they dictated.” White privilege has been referred to as rightness of white, meaning that white is normal and any deviation from that is abnormal (Koppelman & Goodhart, 2011, p. 189). It offers economic benefits as well as cultural benefits. Being white means you will most likely be paid a higher salary, receive promotions, and have loans approved. In classrooms, anything that happened prior to white people arriving in America is referred to as prehistory (2011, p. 191).
Because of white privilege, there are many things that white people take for granted that people of color have no access to. For example, whites can choose to purchase a home in an area they can afford and want to live in. Researchers at Dartmouth, the University of Georgia, and the University of Washington created “cartographic visualizations” that show African Americans remain in segregated neighborhoods (Nesbit, 2012). While America has made a lot of advancement in terms of diversity this data is hard to ignore.
Another glaring example of white privilege is the curriculums being taught in schools across America. Textbooks, bulletin boards, classroom...

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