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Identify the inclusion and exclusion sample criteria study

In the study of Sleep Quality and Risk for Sleep Apnea in Incarcerated Women, the inclusion criteria for the study were volunteered English speaking incarcerated women in the general population section of the prison. (Harner & Budescu, 2014) The exclusion criteria for the study excluded non English speaking inmates, inmates not housed in the general population, and those who did not wish to participate in the study.

Indicate the method used to obtain the sample.

The study sample was obtained by using a cross sectional design via a questionnaire completion from the volunteered inmates .(Harner & Budescu, 2014) The sample method utilized is the convenience sampling , which is a study of the inmates who are women and incarcerated. These two criteria were the main focus of the study and the reason why the convenience sampling method was used. According to (Grove et al., 2013) Convenience sampling is used when the subjects are in the right place at the right time. The study did not appear to be costly and the inmates were not compensated for their time. Grove further states that convenience sampling is not expensive and does not acquire a lot of time as other sample methods. (Grove et al., 2013)

State the sample size. Was power analysis done to determine sample size? If not specified, how is a power analysis done?

Power analysis was not completed to determine the sample size of 439 and it was not specified in the study. The sample size was determined by the completion of the questionnaire from the inmates. Approximately 900 questionnaires were distributed and 439 were returned completed and ready for analysis (Harner & Budescu, 2014) . Conducting a power analysis is knowing the level of significance, the sample size, and using 80% of standard power. (Grove et.,al 2013)


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