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Black Lives Matter: Racism In America

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Kieran Leen/ word count 490 Professor Martinez Culture and society 2/29/16 Paper 2: Racism in America It seems like we cannot go anywhere or watch anything today that does not have some sort of influence or advertising to or for the topic of racism. Recently, society’s spot light has been on “Black Lives Matter” this is a movement that emphasizes police brutality against black individuals and having equal options for blacks. The movement has been presented largely through the use of social media and recently has escalated to the big stage on national TV during the super bowl. What is interesting about all of these racism topics is how it has become a one way street. The media only focuses on when black individuals are upset with the white race, or how they only air news stories about injustices happening to black people when there is problems happening to all cultures in our country and around the world. …show more content…
Yes, of course there is a big problem with police brutality and it does seems that it has a large focus on blacks, specifically on black males, Racism presents itself everywhere whether it be Beyoncé’s message or racial profiling by police. Police officers should not be able to profile an individual just because of what they look like but that is their job to take preemptive action against people they think are threatening to society whether that individual s black white or purple. The “Black Lives Matter” movement does make good points and arguments regarding bringing attention to the racial problems that plague our county. No one should look at anyone different based on their skin color, the only thing that matters is who they are as a

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