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Black Muslims

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In this work I will explain about the Muslims that are black. This topic is very important to talk about this kind of culture because we are in a world which is assorted of many cultures, also is important to talk about this topic because we have to know that the black people are humans too and they have the same rights like everybody.
The phrase Black Muslims may describe any black people who are Muslim, but historically it has been specifically used to refer to African-American organizations that describe themselves as Muslim. Some of these groups are not considered to be Muslim by orthodox Muslims.

The black Muslims are an American religious organization formed mostly by blacks who profess the Muslim religion. This group is known as the American Muslim Mission, formerly known as world community of al-islam in the west in 1975, but but ehy were called the nation of Islam, the members called themselves the “bilalian”.

Its leaders are in favor of economic cooperation and self-sufficiency; they also impose on their followers the observance of strict Islamic codes of behavior, referring to issues such as food, clothing and interpersonal relationships. Members practice some of the Islamic religious rites and pray five times a day.


In 1913, there was the arrival in Newark, New Jersey (USA), an African-American North Carolina named Timothy Drew. This, with the nickname of Noble Drew Ali founded the Moorish Temple of Science-American teaching that blacks were actually of Moorish origin and a black Jesus was crucified by the Romans, who were white.

Much of his teachings came from The Aquarian Gospel, an occult text written by Levi Dowling.

On the death of Ali, Wallace Ford said it was the reincarnation of Ali and who was born in Mecca, had been sent to America to free the black man "the devil Caucasian (white). In the company of one of his followers named Elijah Muhammad (actually Robert Poole), founded the Nation of Islam, declaring the incarnation of Allah, the Muslim god.

After the mysterious disappearance of Ford in 1935, Muhammad took control of the movement.

During the sixties, the movement enjoyed considerable prestige among the black population of the United States thanks to the oratorical skills of Malcolm X, assassinated by one of Muhammad's opponents on 21 February 1965.

On the death of Muhammad in the same year, was succeeded by his son Wallace, who baptized the movement as a Community of Islam in the West and the followers as bilalians (Bilal was the first black convert of Muhammad).

At present, its supreme leader Louis Farrakhan is held by the original racist extremism movement.


The ideology of the sect has a considerable influence of some occult circles (the black man was created in the moon a trillion years ago) and a fanatical racism, which disqualifies, among other reasons, to be defined as a proper Muslim.

For the above reasons is incompatible with Christianity.








The U.S. has been, to the surprise of many, the cradle of groups and organizations that fought for specific demands of their respective sectors. This is the case with the Black Panthers and their struggle to defend the rights of the American black community in a time where racism and discrimination were the daily bread.

The Black Panther Party (in English originally called Black Panther Party Black Panther Party for Self Defense, and popularly known as Black Panther) is an African-American political organization in the United States, founded in Oakland, California in October 1966 by Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and David Hilliard.
Newton and Seale, influenced by the thoughts of Malcolm X, founded at the University of Merrit, Oakland, Alma Advisory Council of Students. A year after the assassination of Malcolm, for the anniversary commemorations, proposed to bring to campus a squad of armed youths, a proposal that was rejected. After that incident, left the Council and decided to form the Black Panther Party.
Ten point program:

The group's initial ideology was articulated around the so-called "Ten-Point Programme"

1. We want freedom, we want the power to determine the destiny of our black community;
2. We want full employment for our people;
3. We want an end to the plundering of our black community by the white man;
4. We want decent housing, adapted to humans;
5. We want education for our people to show the true nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches our true history and our role in society;
6. We want free health care for all black men and oppressed people;
7. We want all black men we are exempt from military service;
8. We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of black people;
9. We want freedom for all black men detained in prisons and federal prisons, state, county and municipal
10. We want all black people sent for trial to be tried in courts peer or people of the black community, as envisaged in the constitution of the United States
* We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace.

-They were the first groups to suffer social and revolutionary infiltration and handling police, getting the FBI almost annihilate the movement.-

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