Black Tuesday

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“Black Tuesday” began in The Bahamas April 27th 1965.Black Tuesday took place not only inside but outside The House Of Assembly. According to Source B Black Tuesday was possibly one of the greatest events in the movement of Bahamian independence. The PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) was formed November 23rd 1953.The PLP consisted of Sir Lynden Pindling, the late Sir Milo Butler, Mr. Cyril Stevenson, Mr. Sammie Issacs, the late Clarence A. Bain, and the late Sir Randol Fawkes. The formation of the PLP was a first for The Bahamas because it introduced party politics. At this time the majority group in the House was the Bay Street Boys, who later formed the UBP (United Bahamian Party). As mentioned by Source B around the time October 1956 at that time, only a few men, those who owned land, could vote. In addition, a man could vote in as many placed as he owned land, every company that owned land could vote, no woman could vote, and 21 years was the qualifying age. The PLP sought to change this desperate state of affairs and the UBP fought them every inch of the way. Between 1959 and1961, the Women’s Suffrage Movement took up the cause of votes for women and in July 1961, the act of voting for women became law. This was a huge step toward majority rule.

The 1962 general election was the first election were all Bahamians including women were allowed to vote. Surprisingly though the UBP won the election over the PLP. This was because workers were threatened to be fired if they voted PLP. Also the UBP said that they were improving the Bahamian economy that change now would frighten tourist and investors who were just coming back from the general strike in 1958. The UBP even suggested that the PLP were not knowledgeable enough to run the country and that if they gained control of government, the economy would be ruined. Another reason the UBP won was…...