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Black and White and Religion All over

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“Black and White and Religion All Over”

What is religion exactly? Is it an idea people cling to so they won’t feel alone? Maybe it gives their life purpose? Hope that their life is actually useful? Are some of them just counter attacks because they were shunned? Or maybe they were told that they weren’t worthy enough to be in the religion everyone else is in? Religion is just a concept, an excuse for people to fight each other. It’s to show that some people are above others in their own minds. Nothing more than a joke.

Religion has always been a cultural norm in the sense of wanting to be accepted and safe. When one doesn’t get accepted into the religion of their choice, they seek acceptance into another to counter the denial. Members from each religion spread the “word” of said religion to pull others in. They tell you that if you don’t join the religion then you will burn or that you’re stupid. This only adds to why religion isn’t necessary to life and shouldn’t be thought of as sacred. It’s almost like a popularity contest on which religion becomes the most successful.

For the people who don’t have a religion, they are tempted into one by people wanting to spread it. Some don’t like religion, others just don’t believe in it. Then there’s that little percentage who don’t believe in the religion but worship the deity. An example is Jefferson Bethke and his video, Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus. In his video, he tells the audience that when Jesus died on the cross, religion died with him and that everyone shouldn’t be separated by the concept anymore. Many have now disowned the religion but kept loving God thanks to his truthful opinions and bravery.

Christianity, Atheism and Satanism are three popular religions to look at right now. All have different goals, views and...

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