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Black on Black Racism

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Black on Black racism : The Dominican republic ethnic cleansing

What is the difference between an Haitian and a Dominican?
People usually respond to race-related discussion in various emotional ways that range from deep culpability and embarrassment to extreme pride and hatred toward another group. Recently several stories reported in national or international news seem to add more focus to the ongoing debate about racial discrimination between black and white. But my concern is how to deal with racial discrimination when it comes from people of the same race.
Currently in the Dominican Republic there is a flagrant case of human right violation regarding to Haitian immigrants and Dominican of Haitian decent. Being dark skinned in the Dominican Republic is a flaw associated with all that is negative. The discomfort related with these facts may lead to this fundamental question is racism only a matter of skin color difference or bias that take root in political and social fragmentation of a population?
Haiti and Dominican Republic not only share the same island but they also have common roots. The apparent differentiation between Haitians and Dominicans can be established on difference of their colonial heritage.
Prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, the whole island, was inhabited by the Tainos. After the Spaniards settled, enslaved and decimated the indigenous population, in 1503, they started to import black labor force from Africa. In 1697, after several battles, the French acquired the western part of the Island that is now Haiti. In 1804, the black slaves’ revolution in Haiti resulted in the defeat of French colons. In 1821, The Spanish were overthrown by Haitians revolutionist who ruled the entire island until the Dominican Republic declared its independence from Haiti in 1844. It is manifest that the two counties are...

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