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Blade Runner and Frankenstein Essay

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Rhetorical question… Why have we ignored the warnings?

Two texts that have presented us with warnings are both Frankenstein and Blade Runner, concerns of their times in both Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’’ and Ridely scotts blade runner warned us of the consequences of overstepping our boundaries of man kinds moral code and the effect of technology advancement and lack of moral and virtuous conduct that is expected to human kind. These texts are critical of scientists who choose not to question the morality of their research and discoveries or to even consider the damaging consequences of humanity that may follow. Both texts even thought they are set in different times, explore similar themes concerning the disruption of natural order to create artificial life and show how both authors warn us many of the paths followed by over-reaching scientists irresponsible at best and evil at worst.
Both texts give us warning to what the future may hold if science continues to strip away man kinds moral code.

The time frame in which Frankenstein written was full of great changes and extraordinary discoveries such as electricity and the French revolution, which had bloody consequences which demonstrated how volatile the era was and how social order was being challenged. England was in a societal transformation. These are therefore reflected in Frankenstein such as the electrical experiment on Frankenstein, which was a warning against the expansion of modern humans.

In contrast Blade runner was set 150 years after frankenstien durning a time of change, which also reflects the growing awareness in the 1980s that human actions were threatening nature. He warns us about the long term effect o pollution and environmental degration through the pollution of the city and acid rain. It becomes realized that despite the contextual differences, both texts are linked through common…...

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