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Development Plan for Blanc de Chine

To: Lisa Liu, Vice CEO, Blanc de Chine
Prepared by: Xiaoxi Zeng
Submitted: 9 December 2014
Subject: Recommended strategy to for Blanc de Chine to enhance competitiveness

Executive Summary:

Luxury brand is regarded as the highest level of prestigious brand. Researchers underscore its intangible value and psychological value, for example: conspicuous value, society value, quality value and uniqueness value. Fashion always associates and integrates the past and the future. Blanc de Chine devoted itself into translating the past Chinese cultural value into modern fashion. Making a comparison among famous luxury brands, we can conclude that even though those companies use different adverting methods, they all try to broadcast their brand culture and concept. Their advertising objectives is in consistent with the researchers’ study. Therefore, the company can make a good use of its Chinese culture background to gain loyal customers. This paper provides with three detailed recommendations: a, culture exploring; b, establishing culture display platform; c, event advertising. Blanc de Chine should make full use of their products’ cultural value and advertise their concept by appropriate methods to gain loyal customer and enhance competitiveness.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction and Background.......................................................................................4
II. Hub Scrap Metals and Organizational Infrastructure Efficiency...........................5
III. Research ..................................................................................................................... 6
A. Why is Organization Infrastructure…...

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