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Blaw 531 Week 4 Regulatory Risk Management Analysis

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Regulatory Risk Management Analysis: IBM
Jane Doe
BLAW 531
January 12, 2012
John Smith

Regulatory Risk Management Analysis: IBM
Global warming is a term that we have become very familiar with over the last decades. Gradually, it is disturbing human living conditions and because societies’ lack of environmental protection responsibility, more damage is forecasted to take place. Rising temperatures are expected to raise the sea level, change climate conditions, alter desserts and forests, water supplies, crop yields, harm many ecosystems of animals and threat human life.
Throughout the world, there is naturally caused pollution, but the majority of the world’s pollution is caused by humanity. In the United States, as well as many other industrialized countries, the greatest source of contamination is the industrial community.
At the peak of the Industrial Revolution, industries efforts were focused on profitability and how much product they push out of the assembly lines. Environmental protection was not a priority in comparison with maintaining high levels of production. Protecting the environment is a costly and a real matter to any business, but it is the ideal outcome to find that balance where companies protect the environment while still remained profitable.
In the United States there is no better example of environmental conscience and profitable as International Business Machines (IBM). IBM leads the United States as the ‘greenest’ company and second globally according to The Daily Beast (2011). For over forty years IBM has committed to set the trend for other companies to follow by staying environmentally responsible and sustainable. IBM has always taken the initiate and voluntary acted to staid ahead of government regulatory requirements and compliances.
In the United States, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency...

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