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Blaw Ethics Assn 2


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BLAW 3430.009
Ethics Assignment #2

Q1: What did these videos tell you about selective attention? Selective attention can apply to a lot of situations. It can mean that in a video while focusing so much on one part the person watching misses another part. It could be focusing on a particular object for an amount of time while simultaneously ignoring other relevant or irrelevant information that is also occurring. While the first video I did notice the gorilla in the mix, the only reason why is because I took my eyes off the ball which then lead to me miscounting the amount of passes. The second video about the experiment with the pedestrian and the door was very interesting. I think if I were focusing my my thoughts on directions to explain to someone, I too would fail to see the differences in the two experimenters. I think these videos show how most humans are very selective in what they are taking in around them. Maybe it’s true what our parents say when we were young, “she has selective hearing, she only hears what she wants to.”

Q2: Would you agree that if you have your ethical antennae up that you will be more likely to detect an ethical issue you face than if you are focusing completely on pleasing your boss, being part of your team, or perhaps meeting a production quota? What does that tell you about how you have to approach your job if you wish to be a moral/ethical person? In today’s business world, it is very important to not only be knowledgable of what ethical issues are in business, but to also be on the lookout for what is right and wrong when you are working. So, I would agree and like to think that if I had my “ethical antennae” up that I will be more likely to detect an ethical issue in the workplace. As an eager young adult soon to be entering the workplace, it could be easy to focus all my attention on pleasing my boss, teamwork, and meeting quota. However, classes like this one have shown me that if I am not looking out for ethical dilemmas and addressing them correctly, it could not only lead to legal trouble, but it may also decrease the likelihood that I enjoy my career.
With the information I know about ethics in business, I would want to approach my future job as a moral/ethical person. First before taking a job, I would research about the company and see what it’s ethical standards are. Doing research on if the company has had ethical issues in the past could be easy using the internet. Once actually on the job, I would just have to remember no matter all the possible situations I’m put into I need to ask myself if everything going on is “right.”

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