Blended Families

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Blended families
We try to create a world of structure and predictability for our children. As parents, we work hard to give our children routines, a regular schedule, consistent expectations, and plenty of love. We aim to make their lives predictable, stable, safe and secure. As they grow up, we hope that this early experience will be internalized as a kind of centeredness, and that they will be able to adapt when change comes around. In addition to providing children a safe and secure beginning, parent s need to be aware of the child’s feelings and be able to help them cope with change and stress. One in every two marriages in the United States will end up in divorce. Sixty percent of second marriages will also fail, according to statistics. Half of America is currently living in blended families. Over the past three decades, major transformations have taken place in the family world. Traditional nuclear families - mother, father and two children - are no longer the 'norm'). Nearly half of all marriages now end in divorce, and remarriages for one or both partners have more than doubled since the 1970s. Over 2.5 million children live in stepfamilies. Learning to live within a new stepfamily structure can change the living patterns, self-confidence and emotional wellbeing of all family members involved. It is especially hard on children. They have their own worlds constantly evolving around them. Kids are also dealing with peer pressure, life and social changes, and many other issues. Each life circumstance is shaping who and how they will turn out. Many times divorce forces children to grow up to fast and take on more responsibility.
History and loss
I was a stepchild, and dealt with divorce. I can tell you from firsthand experience, that "step" relationships can be some of the most trying we face. Often times, children enter stepfamilies with a history of…...

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