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‘Everyday is a blessing. And I want today to be a day full of appreciation for everyone who has ever come into my life. From the little child I see passing on the street babbling adorable baby talk that makes me smile, to the feeble but amazingly kind and warm old woman that takes time to say ‘hello, darling, you alright?’ when she runs into you even though she’s a stranger. Everyday a complete stranger smiles at you, not because they get anything out of it, but because your face ticked something inside them that made them want to make you smile. Isn’t that great? Those silly yet wonderful people called friends that we have around us and in our hearts, how can we not be grateful for them? What would we do without those who would be ready to make you a cuppa hot chocolate in the middle of the night when you’re having an emotional breakdown, or when dance with you on ridiculous music so loud that all you hear and feel is exhilaration and absolute joy? That best friend we know we all call a ‘sibling’, the annoying devil we all love to hate when they don’t get along with us, but run to when nothing else in the world makes sense. I, for one, can say I’m blessed to have the best sister in the world. A true friend, always there to tell you what no one might say , always looking out for you, regardless of their age, always protective and proud of you and so excited to be a part of every joy you share. I can’t think of siblings as anything less than the sweet little angel god sends as a huggable teddybear. Why not give our siblings a hug today, just cause they deserve it? Two amazing idols we’ve been around since we took our first breath, always there for us regardless of what we have wronged, protecting us from all the wrong in this world, sacrificing their dreams and wishes to provide their children with an extra happiness. We are infact more than blessed to have our parents. They yelled with joy and clapped their hands and celebrated our first steps, they impatiently waited for us to start talking, just so we could say two syllables called ‘mama’ or ‘papa’. Who else would buy you an extra pair of shoes or jeans or an expensive watch just because they love you and wanna give you everything they can afford and more? We might not be kids anymore, but what I see is they love us more and more as we grow up. If this doesn’t fill us up with appreciation, what could? If we’re lucky enough, that one wonderful person we meet in our lives who brightens everyday for us. Love is a complicated subject, but the feeling of being loved and needed by one person who admires, adores and is more than happy to be a part of your life is so priceless. You fight with them, you hate them you love then, you are frustrated of them, but you can’t do without them, who could possible make you feel so many emotions in one lifetime and still manage to be the dearest person to you? Some of us might have found them, some of us might still be looking for ‘The One’, but don’t we all daydream or hope at some point or another about this person and smile and fill our hearts with hope? I believe we will all find someone who is crazy about us and wants to share every joy and sad moment with us. One who will love us, care for us and make you feel like the most beautiful/handsome/sexy/awesome person in the world. I hope this makes you all think about the everyday little things and spend a whole day feeling abundant, not with materialistic things, but with love and gratitude. I hope it overflows in your hearts and minds so that you can reach out to someone else and brighten their day too. Thank you all for being a part of my life. Even though we might not talk everyday, even though I might never have told you that I notice you, I want you to know I do. And You matter.

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