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Budweiser is referred to as Bud, a brewing company founded at St. Louis in the mid 1800s. Budweiser beer is America’s drink. One out of five alcoholic drinks sold in America is a Bud. It is the world’s most popular beer. In 1865, the brewery produced 8,000 barrels. These numbers grew quickly when Budweiser Lager Beer was introduced to public in 1876. The company expanded rapidly and controlled all the means for producing its beer. In the 1950s, the company expanded its businesses in various cities, in an attempt to tap into a European tradition. In 1970s, Budweiser became a true icon of American culture, thanks to a model of commercial development, the envy of the world. In 1980, it made a history by expanding into the global marketplace with agreements to brew and sell in Canada, Japan, and elsewhere. Budweiser along with the brand extensions Bud Light, Bud Dry and Bud Ice is creating an image for itself: a mass-produced, drinkable beer that symbolizes the “good life”. Now, the King of Beers is being sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Company Mission:

“During production of the Budweiser Budvar lager we use traditional procedures and the knowledge passed down to us by previous generations of brewers. We produce our beer exclusively from the highest quality raw materials – whole heads of Žatec hop, selected Moravian malt and virgin clear water from our Artesian wells. Due to the unavoidable delicious flavour, unique composition and care in production, our lager is searched for by lovers of high quality beer in all continents.”


The beer...

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