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Block Buster

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Paul Noonan
Micky Thakkar
Carlton Graham
Dave Hasty
Christina Carroll

Busgr 567, Marketing Strategy

Dr. Joyce Hunter

May 25, 2010

Case Study: Blockbuster, Inc.


Table of Contents:

Dave Hasty
Mission Statement, History of Blockbuster, pg. 3-5

Carlton Graham/Paul Noonan
Marketing Strategy, 5-6
Marketing Mix, 6
Target Markets, 6-7

Micky Thakkar
Marketing Objectives and Goals 7-10

Paul Noonan/Micky Thakkar
Advertising and Promotion Strategies 10-13
Environmental Analysis and Porter Analysis 13-15

Christina Carroll
SWOTs 15-19
Netflix SWOT
Redbox SWOT
Blockbuster SWOT
Competitive Advantage
Strategic Focus

Paul Noonan
Financials 19-20
Future Trends 20
Recommendations 20-22

Questions 22-25

Bibliography 26

Compiled by Paul Noonan

The History of Blockbuster Inc.

Blockbuster’s mission statement is “To be the global leader in rentable home entertainment by providing outstanding service, selection, convenience and value.” Blockbuster is an American based chain of retail stores renting DVD, Blu Ray, and video games. They have over 9,000 locations in the US and 25 other countries worldwide. It is headquartered in the Renaissance Tower located in Dallas, Texas. The first store was opened in Dallas, Texas 1985 by David Cook. Cook had started a company called Cook Data Services Inc. in 1982 selling software to Texas’s oil and gas industries.[i] When the industry went flat Cook was searching for another source of revenue. His wife a movie fan suggested getting into the movie rental business. At the time rental stores were small, specialized, and inefficient. These stores were mainly family oriented stores that provided few former big hit movies. Cook recognized if they displayed the movies, provided a large former big hits selection, and set up a computerized system he could provide a higher...

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