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6-17. I do feel as though the interview was well thought out. Putting a person into a stressful situation is a great way to gauge their ability to think quickly and to see how they react. Several other firms around the world use the same such tactics, mainly our military. Promotion boards are conducted in such a manner that the panel members can see how a candidate can flow back and forth from question to question while maintaining a certain level of composure during the process.
6-18. While I do agree with the style of interview, I do not agree with throwing personal questions into such a situation. While those questions are important, they could perhaps be asked during a second interview. The members of the panel could decide on specific questions they would like to ask and then split them up amongst themselves. They should run those questions past their HR department to ensure there is nothing discriminatory or disrespectful in nature about the questions. The question posed at the end of the story seems to be rather petty. Business is business and it always will be. Taking such a thing as an interview personally shows that maybe she doesn’t have what it takes to handle that world.
6-19. Personally, I would like to know what sort of compensation I would be getting. Even though it is a “dream job,” I would still want to know if I will be offered enough money to live on. I would also like to know what sort of medical and vacation benefits I would get.
What specifically lead you to seek a degree in mechanical engineering? Have you done anything in your past to show that you are well versed in engineering?
What was your GPA?
What mechanical requirements would you like to see implemented at oil refineries to ensure air pollution is kept to an absolute minimum?
What sort of requirements would you like to see in reference to clean up...

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