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You should invest in my company, “Shady Dogs”, because our pets deserve the same protection that we would provide our children or ourselves. During those rainy days, it’s more difficult to take our pets on a walk because they always return home wet, and the smell of “wet dog” plus the mess that ensues creates more work for us in our already busy lives. Instead of bringing home your cold, wet dog, you can now buy them the protection they’ve been waiting for. With the simple design of a walking harness that many of us are already accustomed to, my product has the added benefit of an attached umbrella to shade and protect our four legged friends from harsh environmental elements. This patent pending design allows even weight distribution so that the umbrella harness can be comfortably worn on the animal's back. You can even use our device during the hot summer months to shield from the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful rays. Of course, we offer these umbrella harnesses in different sizes and colors because no dog is too big or too small to be left out in the rain. They range from $20-$35 depending on the size of the dog and are available in all major retail pet stores. The cost to produce each harness ranges from $4-$6 so there is plenty of room for profit. We have already sold 100,000 units this year and project 250,000 in the upcoming year. We are also developing additional products to grow our business and are looking for investors to aid in production and development costs. We are willing to offer a 10% stake in our company for a $1000 investment. Currently, “Shady Dogs” is a one of a kind company, as no one else has yet to offer this hands-free design. Finally, man’s best friend can enjoy his daily walks, no matter rain or shine, and his master can enjoy the fact that those “wet dog” days are of the...

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