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Blossom and Grueba

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Blossom and Grueba

Blossom and Grueba
Deep in a swamp in a faraway town lied a lily pad community known for its marshy waters and remoteness, called Caymaris. Within its population there was a beautiful bullfrog named Blossom whom every one envied, for her long green legs, slender torso, and stunning emerald eyes, she was the talk of the bog. Other Inhabitants all prayed one day to be as alluring as her. Though Blossom was the fairest Bullfrog in her town, her sister Grueba did not have any of these attributes. She was polar opposite of Blossom, the kindest, hardworking Frog you could ever meet. She was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and volunteered to deliver food to all the hungry frogs of the town. Her torso was compact, round, and her eyes were off centered and as black as coal, and the legs she used to carry out her kindness were short and stumpy. Blossom never wanted any of the bayou to know that Grueba was her sister, for she thought she’d be ridiculed. Daily Blossom would go about her routine of awaking dressing prim and proper even styling her hair with a neatly done ponytail and a gigantic white bow adhering it together. While Grueba's hair was always a mess, and all the kids teased her and called her names. Every morning on their treacherous walk to school across the wetland and through the forest Blossom would be sure to stride far ahead of Grueba, to ensure that none of her classmates could see that they were sisters. She would see the other kids call Grueba awful nicknames such as full of bull, while not even batting an eyelash. Grueba knew of this but never let it bother because she understood that her sister’s happiness was more important. Nevertheless at home the two sisters were best of friends, sharing stories, playing games, and always having a ton of fun. On this particular day Blossom confided in Grueba as they left their house that she wanted to find a way to ditch her, so that her new boyfriend Toad whom she was supposed to meet at the Tadpole Lake wouldn’t see that the girl whom he’d constantly ridiculed was her sibling. Blossom went to Grueba and said “Blossom my sweet sister, today I will go meet my Prince, and I do not want him to know that you are my sister, for he may leave me.” Grueba’s eyes instantly filled with tears and she began to weep. Grueba said to herself, “My sister oh, my sweet sister how could she be so cruel.” Blossom darted out so quickly while trying to gain a lead, and she had no regard for her sister’s feelings. Swiftly though distraught Grueba continued about her day headed to the lake as well to catch dinner for the family. She had promise the family a yummy dinner, and despite her sisters unpleasant language with her earlier she was not going to cease her plans for the day. The walk took around an hour and was across some very treacherous land.
With blossom not too far ahead admiring her vanity through her compact, while simultaneously Grueba thought of the events of the past and today, and how her sister always abandoned her. Along Blossoms walk she finally met up with Toad who had passed Grueba along the way. As she marched along in the distance Grueba heard a familiar cry and this one went, “Help me, help me…I am stuck”, said Blossom, no one replied. Apparently as Blossom was walking along in pursuit of Tadpole Lake, Toad left her to talk to some friends and promised to meet up with her later at the lake, so she took her eyes off the trail, wondering if it was her makeup that caused him to depart and she wandered in to quicksand. Grueba thought to herself “Blossom is in danger somewhere, because if not I would not hear her cries.” She contemplated should I go to her rescue and save her or let her suffer as she gave me pain earlier. Grueba could not bear the thought of leaving her one and only sister, so though her legs were stunted and broad, she took off in the direction of the sound of the cries.
Through a thick patch of brush, over a dangerous cliff, and dodging some very poisonous rattlesnakes toward the lake, along the way however she met one huge obstacle. Toad, Blossoms beau stopped her and started hazing and belittling her for her stature and figure. Instead of letting Toad hold her back as he shoved and teased her she struck him with a hard blow right in the smackers, and called him a Polliwog. Hastily Grueba finally arrived to aid her sister. As Grueba quickly assessed the situation she gazed at her sister, and asked “I thought you did not want me to be near you, as for you were with your prince.” Blossom pleaded “Sister for you are my savior and best friend do not let me perish.” “I love you with all my heart and am very sorry I let those creatures deter me from ever acknowledging you in public, as I do in privacy.” At that very moment Grueba felt the sincerity in her sisters heart and voice, quickly retrieved a long stick, Blossom grasped it, as she tugged in tugged with all her might, it seemed like ages but her sister was finally rescued. Profusely relieved, Blossom embraced her sister for she had saved her life, despite the spitefulness in which she had given Grueba earlier. As they walked the trail back to their home they came along Blossom’s “Prince.” Bewildered he muttered “What are you doing with that beast.” She simply replied she’s no beast, she’s my beautiful, caring, angel of a sister, Goodbye!!”
In life we learn a lot about people, they come in all shapes sizes, colors, or creeds. We are not to judge them by their outward appearances but by what is inside of them. Their caring hearts, gentle touches, abundant advice are all characteristics into which we need to absorb. When we view Grueba our automatic assumption is that she is fat and lazy, but what we don’t know is about her generosities she contributes. We as people need to take information like this instance where despite Blossom’s beauty she had no heart, she was willing to exile her sister for personal beliefs, rather than accept her and embrace her in the public eye. From this story we learn in Grueba’s perspective to have courage. We also learn another view, one through Blossom’s eye's, one should always “Treat others as we want to be treated.” People never know when one day we may need them, and our actions speak louder than words.

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