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BlueAnt Bluetooth Speakerphone
Managerial Marketing, BUS 620
August 26, 2013

BlueAnt Bluetooth Speakerphone The BlueAnt Bluetooth speakerphone is manufactured by BlueAnt Wireless. BlueAnt Wireless is based out of Melbourne, Aus. BlueAnt Wireless is a global technology company that has established itself as one of the leading Bluetooth and Mobile Entertainment developers (BlueAnt wireless and vlingo partner to deliver free integrated voice application on BlueAnt products, 2011). They are known for their high-tech hands-free, stereo audio streaming and wireless communications products. They partnered with Vlingo to manufacture a truly hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone for the drivers to use their cellphones. According to McEvoy (2011) the speakerphone market is one of few choice and little competition.
In this paper, we will review a marketing plan for the BlueAnt Bluetooth speakerphone.
BlueAnt Bluetooth Speakerphone The BlueAnt Bluetooth Speakerphone was designed for cellphone users who excessively utilized their cellphone while driving (Shaw, 2010). With its sleek design the BlueAnt Bluetooth Speakerphone connects to the sun visor of the vehicle. Right out of the box it pairs itself with your cellphone and downloads your contacts. After pairing it is ready to be used. At this point the driver can use their voice to make and answer calls with their voice.
Marketing Plan
SECTION I: Executive Summary
The BlueAnt Bluetooth speakerphone is a high-tech speakerphone designed to provide drivers who need to use their cellphones a safe way to do so. This speakerphone allows its users to do speech to text, answer and make phones calls through voice recognition.
This device will appeal to those drivers who use their cellphones while operating their vehicle. It allows them to use their cellphone and still focus on the road.
SECTION II: Situation…...

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