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' Y o u ' v e spilt your coffee,' M r s Carter said. 'I'm sorry.' H e got up abruptly and said, ' A l l right. I'll THE BLUE FILM not be shocked.' he said. 'You've asked for it.' 'I don't think I'm usually the one who is shocked,' M r s Carter ' O T H E R people enjoy themselves,' M r s Carter said. 'Well,' her husband replied, 'we've seen . . . ' •The reclining Buddha, the emerald Buddha, the to bed.' 'Last night we went to Chez Eve . . . ' •If you weren't with m e , ' M r s Carter said, 'you'd find . . . you know what I mean, Spots.' It was true. Carter thought, eyeing his wife over the cofifeecups: her slave bangles chinked in time with her cofifee-spoon: she had reached an age when the satisfied woman is at her most beautiful, but the lines of discontent had formed. When he looked at her neck he was reminded of how difficult it was to unstring a turkey. Is it my fault, he wondered, or hers - or was it the fault of her birth, some glandular deficiency, some inherited characteristic? It was sad how when one was young, one so often mistook the signs of frigidity for a kind of distinction. ' Y o u promised we'd smoke opium,' M r s Carter said. •Not here, darling. In Saigon. Here it's "not done" to smoke.' ' H o w conventional you are.' 'There'd be only the dirtiest of coolie places. Y o u ' d be conspicuous. They'd stare at you.' H e played his winning card. 'There'd be cockroaches.' 'I should be taken to plenty of Spots if I wasn't with a husband.' H e tried hopefully. T h e Japanese strip-teasers...' but she had heard all about them. ' U g l y women in bras,' she said. H i s irritation rose. H e thought of the money he had spent to take his wife with him and to ease his conscience - he had been away too often without her, but there is no company more cheerless than that of a woman who is not desired. H e tried to drink his coffee calmly: he...

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