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The Blue Sky Software Consulting Firm is a company that has many internal problems. Every business has internal problems and the best businesses are constantly in a problem solving mode. Susy Hubres is truly looking out for the best interest in the company to solve the issues. It takes team work to get the issues under control and solved. When companies try to solve problems, they have to figure out how to get to the core of the problem, then come up with a solution option, and implement the selected solution. In this case, it is in need of a consultant to solve majority of the matters internal and external. There are a few strategy plans they can follow to get the company back on track. The management team has to give a base to solve the problems the branches are having and improve systems for many years to come. The first issue stated was Max Blue think that meetings are a waste of time. How are problems going to be solved? A strategic plan is needed and Susy is willing to bring the management team to a retreat to develop a ten-year plan. The management team should all have some state in addressing solutions, but it can be peripheral. In reference to the inventory problem, the manager should meet the following departments to come up with their solution. The departments are Shipping, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Purchasing, and Accounting because they deal the inventory one way or other. Speaking to all the heads in each of the departments can give the upper management an idea of how they can increase a price on the products. The plan is an example how the company can come to an agreement on how to develop a ten-year strategic plan. The retreat members should be a team made up of a variety of management levels. At the retreat they can review issues, data, identifying new and modified procedures and identifying updates. First problem to…...

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