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Blue Sky Software Company

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Blue Sky Software Company

Organizational Development Analysis

November 28, 2012

Prepared for: Jim Willis CEO

Webster University

Management 6000

Professor: Dr. James Ewing


Change is a growing concern for many industries and, in particular, software developers are feeling the fullest brunt of this tidal force. Global competition, economic uncertainty and high levels of risk aversion have created a tidal wave of change for American corporations. Organizations must embrace renewal strategies for specific reasons, such as improving, communication, efficiency, or decision making, rarely can an initiative successfully be deployed without strategic planning in the current hyper turbulent business world. It is with renewed vigor that Blue Sky Software must assess the organizations future operations with these new realities in mind. To prosper in the new globalized business world the Blue Sky Software organization must require a transformation from its executive team, its board of directors and its staff. The current change initiatives that must be undertaken are complex structural organizational changes. This goal demands a new set of leadership skills, empowered employees and clear decision making processes, allowing a highly adaptive orientation for the organization. The following report outlines such a path for Blue Sky Software.

Adaptive Orientation

Blue Sky Software has had remarkable success over its fifteen years of operations. Driven by the founder and Chairman of the board Max Blue, his vision and hard work created the products and services that have enabled all the current successes the organization has enjoyed. Max Blue's leadership and power style has been described as autocratic, and this has at times served as an excellent resource over the…...

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