Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth

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Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth

Executive Summary
I learned what data management is and how it is critical to Business Information Systems. I also learned about driving value from Business Information Systems. The information gathered is used to maintain information given about the company and employees. The information gathered will also help keep my business competitive with other businesses. I also learned to focus more on updating the information systems to stay competitive. I learned from the assignments the importance of addressing the infrastructure issues and the staffing model to ensure the data management is aligning with the strategic plan (Khani ET a., 2011) and the resources were available to manage the customer service needs.
With my new understanding of Business Information Systems, I can now improve and apply this knowledge to my business. The Improvements I will make is in analyzing data recovery, planning secure data storage, implementing, and managing the information system applications. This content of my assignments has helped me change the way I think in terms of data storage and how to get recovery if something happens. My goals are to implement a better way of storing my organization’s data with complete recovery of data. I have goals in sharing the information I learned with other managers and team members so they can also benefit from managing business information systems.
With my work, I barely paid attention to Information Technology. I realize that after taking this course that as a manager, it is my job to pay attention to securing the storage of data, and recovery. I also learned that there are many factors to take into consideration that can disturb the business value impact of Information Technology. One significant issue is the configuration between Information Technology and strategy, business structure,…...

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