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Blues Essay

I chose to do my essay on Tracy Chapman’s 1996 release of “Give Me One Reason,” which can be found at the following link Chapman begins this duple meter song with an electric guitar solo playing the melody of the tune for one measure when her vocals join singing one complete chorus. The dynamic range of the song is minimal throughout but after the introduction of the duo guitar and vocal solo all the other instruments join in intensifying the energy of the tune while keeping the same medium paced tempo. There is a variety of timbres played in this song including the piano, bass guitar, electric guitars, drums, and tambourine. There are also female and male background vocals joining in sporadically adding to the ending of some choruses by singing either “You can see me turning” or “Why I should stay.” Halfway through the song after the melody is played about four times with the chorus sung two complete times there is an electric guitar solo for a 12-bar phrase. The homophonic texture of this tune provides the melody with a simple accompaniment of at least five different tunes. I found it difficult to listen to this song without moving my upper body back and forth, singing the words, and tapping my feet. Even after taking a break from the song I would still sing the main chorus. This leads me to believe this song is most definitely program music. This song provoked me to move my body. It stimulated my response to close my eyes and sing the words as if I myself were ending a relationship or asking my partner to convince me to stay. I am not certain when the last time I heard this song, but I am convinced it will be stuck in my head for a while.

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