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Bmgt 365 Paper 1 Leader vs. Manager

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BMGT 365 Paper 1 Leader vs. Manager
Click Link Below To Buy: In the past weeks, students have learned about leaders and managers, leaders as social architects (leader who designs an organizational environment that encourages a desired range of social behaviors in an attempt to meet organizational goals), change agents, and individuals with distinct personalities. Using the information learned so far, students will analyze a case study. Students are expected to differentiate between the roles and skillsets of a leader and a manager by creating a leadership plan. In completing the leadership plan, students will address the required elements listed below.
Required Elements to include in Paper #1:
You are Joseph Dunn and as leader of Dunn’s Ski Emporium wanting to purchase The Deli, you have work to do before entering into the possible addition of a business you know nothing about.
Your job is to design an organizational structure which fulfills the vision that you have and what you believe George has for The Deli, and will also fulfill its mission. Your organization must be open to change and possess a culture that will empower its employees to follow the vision that you have created. Remember like all good social architects your building must start with a design that suits the purpose of the business and seeks to make it the best building for the job. You should use your class materials and reading to help create the plan and reference them. All additional research should also be referenced. THIS PAPER IS THE ACTUAL PLAN FOR Joseph Dunn! IT IS NOT A “HE SHOULD DO THIS AND THAN THAT” PAPER. Make the plan specific and be creative, add facts or people, to the scenario if that will help you make the plan come alive. Be sure to explain the steps you are taking and your reasons for do so. Use the terms

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