Bmw Advertising Strategy

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BMW advertising strategy
BMW has built its brand on 4 core values:
* Technology
* Quality
* Performance
* Exclusivity
Coupled with WCRS (BMW’s advertising agency since 1979), the company made his advertising strategy, based on these values. However, it is important to point out that BMW also relies on its sensitively to the environment, which is clearly seen by how the company’s advertisements evolved in response to economic, environmental and competitive changes. The brand image was built up by using over 300 color press advertisements and 64 television commercials.
One thing that all BMW adverts have in common is that they focus entirely on the cars.

Branding campaigns and new car launches. BMW has also placed it cars to a lot of films:
* Four James Bond Films
* 1983 BMW 5 Series and a BMW motorcycle appeared in Octopussy
* 1994 the Z3 Roadster became James Bond's official car in GoldenEye
* 1997 following the success of GoldenEye a 7 Series saloon and R1200C Cruiser motorcycle appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies
* 1999 the Z8 sports car featured in The World is Not Enough
* 1996 E36 318i in Mission Impossible
* 1998 E36 3 Series, E28 5 Series, E34 M5 in Ronin
* 1999 E36 3 Series Convertible in American Beauty
* 2002 E46 3 Series, E34 5 Series, E23 7 Series in The Bourne Identity
* 2003 R1150 Rockster motorcycle in Paycheck
* 2006 Z4 in Stormbreaker

Branding campaigns (2002 was the first year that BMW used radio for national advertising). It does not tend to be used at a national level, although may be used regionally.

Colour press for example: Tatler, Vogue, lifestyle magazines, motoring publications, broadsheet newspapers and tabloid newspaper weekend colour supplements.
Black & white: national press.
Some regional publications (for tactical…...