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Bmw Marketing Case Analysis

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Marketing Management Individual Assignment
Case 1
Question Number 1 Answer Pros to BMW The pros of selecting target marketing is

• BMW created the lower-priced 1 Series and X3 SUV to target the “modern mainstream,” a group who are also family-focused and active but had previously avoided BMWs because of the premium cost.
• The 1 Series reached this group with its lower price point, sporty design, and aspiration to own a luxury brand. The X3 also hit home with its smaller, less consumers expensive SUV design. BMW introduced convertibles and roadsters to target “post-moderns,” a high-income group that continues to attract attention with more showy, flamboyant cars. BMW’s 6 Series, a flashier version of the high-end 7 Series, also targeted this group.
• It helps to identify and asses the relative worth of different market segments and selecting one or more segments in which to compete.
• It helps to easily identify the potential customers by targeting into specific groups or individuals.
• BMW uses a wide range of advertising tactics to reach each of its target markets but has kept the tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” for over 35 years. During that time, U.S. sales of BMW vehicles have grown from 15,000 units in 1974 to approximately 250,000 in 2009.

Cons to BMW

The Cons of Selecting target segmentation

• It was too selective strategy and were not able to see other marketing strategy
• The strategy was not flexible and gave options .
• The area of competitive differentiation was very small.
• Reaches a small percentage of a target market has financial fluctuation, more segment lower than others
• Market too small fluctuate when there is an economic downturn
• Know what the general weaknesses restricts its ability to sell to a wide range ]of the population more specific segment of the population...

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