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Bmw Z3 Roadster

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1. BMW Overview

760 53 110,000

(2013 (2013 )






Bayerische Motoren Werker


, .


1. BMW Overview


2. BMW History
1916 1923 1928 1945 3 R32 / ( 2 BMW 5, 3, 7 BMW , (Spartanburg plant) (BMW Dixi , 1929) ) BFW( Bayerische Flugzeug Werke AG)

1972 ~ 1977 1994 1995 1998 2000 , BMW



3. BMW Z3 Roadster
BMW Z3 Roadster ( 2 1930 328 507 Z1 1,900cc 4 )

Spartanburg (South Carolina) 007 ,

Won the "Super Reggie" award for the best promotional marketing campaign of 1995. The BMW Z3 2.8 made Editor's Most Wanted Vehicle for 1999 AUTOMOBILE Magazine awarded the BMW M coupe its 1999 Design of the Year. The 2002 BMW Z3 M Coupe became Top Gear Car of the Year

4. Case Questions
1) What is the strategic significance of the Z3 launch to the BMW corporation? Specifically, how BMW was hoping to redefine the BMW brand image?

Yuppie Status Symbol

Ultimate Driving Machine

Biggest → The Best in Luxury/Performance segment : Spartanburg ‘Made in Germany’ ‘Made in BMW’

4. Case Questions
1) What is the strategic significance of the Z3 launch to the BMW corporation? Specifically, how BMW was hoping to redefine the BMW brand image?

Sheer Driving Pleasure Ultimate Driving Machine JOY Is BMW

3. Case Questions
2) Who were the main target consumers for the Z3? How did BMW segment consumers for the Z3 launch?

Segmentation & Target



Lover of life / 2



Driving excitement

– Emotional fantasy theme BMW


3. Case Questions
3) Analyze and criticize the specifics of the marketing communication plans for launching the Z3, Were they successful, how you determine the success? What were the key success factors for the overall communication plan?
007 with MGM 6,000 (125,000/day)...

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