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Bmw's Inovation

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About the innovation, BMW pays a lot attention to develop research labs and focus on technical improvement. For example, In December 1917, the first BMW inline six-cylinder engine, the serial number is BMW IIIa, the maximum output power of 185 horsepower come into being. Two years later, improved version of this engine, BMW IV 250 horsepower created a flight altitude of 9,760 meters record. 1924, BMW Manufacturing's first V12 engine to power up to 580 horsepower, not only for the aircraft, also to promote high-speed trains in Germany "rail Zeppelin" to create a speed record of 230km / h. The late 1920s, the BMW 132, the first use of gasoline direct injection technology, its follow-up models BMW114 multi-stage turbo technology, the ultimate power breakthrough 1000 horsepower. The late 1930s, the BMW801 aircraft engine which Owns 14 cylinder displacement of 42 liters and power up to 1500 horsepower was made. A few years later, the BMW 802 is an 18 cylinder 2500 horsepower, power breakthrough, along with the advent of adjustable camshaft timing technology, which is one of BMW's most famous innovations was created. Since 1928 BMW entered the automotive industry, manufacturing the best car engine is not a difficult thing. In 1936, BMW326 is recognized as the most advanced production car, followed by the birth of the legends BMW328 up to 80 horsepower include thirty or forty years the tournament crown. In 1985, the true king of the arena, the first generation of the BMW M3 came into market. Since the M family has expanded to the M5, M6, X5, M, the X6M, there is no compromise to the pursuit of ultimate driving pleasure from start to finish. May not be which company like BMW did have such deep roots in the engine area or which company put the pursuit of the power of innovation into their blood like BMW. BMW's focus on the development of the laboratory, there is a lot...

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