Board of Directors Analysis

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Board of Directors Analysis
1. Select a startup that you deem to be innovative
2. Identify the board of directors
3. Analyze the board of directors

For this week’s assignment I am going to examine the Board of Director’s at a startup company called Curbside. By their own definition, Curbside is an app that allows you to find and buy products available at nearby retail stores. When your order is ready to pick up, we notify you. Drive to the store, park at our kiosk outside the retailer and we will load your purchases into your car. We turn any retail store into an efficient shopping experience.

The current Board of Directors for Curbside is:
* Jaron Waldman – Founder and CEO of Curbside. Jaron is a two-time entrepreneur with his first startup, Placebase, acquired by Apple in 2009. Jaron has experience leads enterprise level engineering and software development teams.
* Jerry Yang – Founding Partner at AME Cloud Ventures. Jerry is famously known for founding Yahoo with David Filo. Jerry has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and it widely regarded as a brilliant technologist.
* Mike Volpi – Partner at Index Ventures. Prior to venture capital, Mike was a senior executive with Cisco where he was responsible for corporate strategy, business development and alliances. Mike also holds an MBA from Stanford.
* James Walker – Founder and CEO of Inadco, a mobile ad tech startup based in Palo Also. Previously James has held VP of Sales roles with Connexus and Netblue. James holds a Political Science degree the University of Wisconsin.
* Chad Richard – Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Apple. Chad has a diverse professional background including creative positions with Adobe and Atom Entertainment, successful CEO with Simple Star and 6 years with Apple’s music division. Chad is…...

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