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October 21, 2013 Informational Interview Assignment For this Informational Interview Assignment I interviewed my father and his close friend/ business partner. They are both work in a business of a clothing line called Blow Genes. It's a unisex clothing line for all adults and children. It includes graphic design of the pit bulls from their dog kennel. I chose to interview the two of them because I have a strong interest in fashion and hope to maybe do fashion merchandising one day. I interviewed Joey & Dave. They are both business partners for Blow Genes. Which is based out of Los Angeles, California but they also work locally in Spotsylvania, Virginia where the interview took place.

Q: What do you do in a typical day?
A: Handle all sales, marketing and promotions for the east coast. And I assist with clothing designs

Q: What are advantages & disadvantages to this career?
A: Advantages: I travel a lot and I meet a lot of people. I form new relationships and connections
Disadvantages: I’m not an owner I am just a partner. So I get handed all of the bad jobs and poor travel spots.

Q: What are the employee benefits?
A: Free clothes, free VIP sections, free drinks at clubs and extra pocket money

Q: What type of people work in this field?
A: Self-employed artists, people in the entertainment industry, from actors to models to recording artists.

Q: What's the typical beginning salary level?
A: There is no salary we have no employees. But designers can make up to $500 a design depending on what we get from them

Q: What kind of schedule does the career require?
A: Very flexible, being able to travel and attend events, whenever the opportunity is presented.

Q: What rewards do you get from your career?
A: The satisfaction of seeing your products in different states

Q: What kind of independence do you have in your...

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