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Body Systems Grid Hcs 245 Wk.1

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Body Systems and Diseases

Complete the table below for the required systems listed. You are required to list four to six of the main organs of each body system, one or two sentences explaining the function of the system itself in your own words, and a short list of five to six major diseases that afflict each system.

This assignment is due in Week One.

|System |Organs in the System |Function of the System |Major Diseases Afflicting the System |
|Example: |Thymus |Protects the body from disease and|Hay Fever |
|Immune System |Lymph Nodes |infection by defending against, |Asthma |
| |Skin |attacking and removing pathogens. |Urticaria (Hives) |
| |Tonsils |Removes debris from the body, such|Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) |
| |Bone Marrow |as dead cells. |Rheumatic Fever |
| |Spleen | |Rheumatoid Arthritis |
|Required: |Brain |The nervous system allows us to |Multiple sclerosis |
|Nervous System |Spinal cord |perceive, comprehend, and respond |Fibromyalgia |
| |Sensory organs |to the world around us. The |Alzheimer’s disease |
| |Nerves...

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