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Boeing Leadership and Management

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Boeing is the largest manufacturer of commercial and military airplanes, is the world’s leading aerospace company, and has a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the aerospace industry. Boeing is an international company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and employs more than 158,000 employees worldwide. The company’s corporate structure consists of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defense, Space, and Security Divisions (Boeing, 2010). In the early 2000s Boeing struggled and was surpassed by Airbus in annual airline sales. Through the organizing function of management, Boeing is once again the leader in the aerospace industry, continues to build a competitive advantage, and is more flexible, innovative, efficient, and responsive to its customers.
The organizing function of management follows the planning function and requires management to develop and organizational structure, assemble and coordinate the human, financial, physical, informational, technological, and other resources needed to achieve the organizations goals. To be effective, managers need to use new forms of organizing and possibly view people as the most valuable resource. Companies will departmentalize an organization during this function of management. Examples of departmentalizing an organization include organizing by function, product, geography, or customer. Although the organizing function of management consists of assembling and allocating the resources needed to achieve goals, organizing is also about utilizing resources to build a dynamic organization (Bateman & Snell, 2009).
A key resource to the organizing function management is human resources, which involves maximizing the capabilities and performance of the organizations people (McNamara, 2011). For Boeing to regain its elite status, the company began making plans to...

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