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Artemis Sportswear Company
Terrell K Burton
May 17, 2010
Dr. Rose Safir

Artemis Sportswear Company is a company located out of Cincinnati, Ohio that distributes ever type of sportswear from head bands to athletic shoes. The company competes against companies other name sportswear companies who are much larger and they have significant production facilities overseas in which labor costs are less expensive has had an increase in profits, however there are still ways that they are looking to cut cost but still improve profit lines. In today’s competitive business reality, this company faces some difficult decisions regarding expenses. Artemis Sportswear Company has been around for seven years but for the first time in a market with increase competition, tight budget and regulation changes the company is looking at profit lose if something is not done. By company past sales history and looking at previous, current and projected business plans and budget one can conclude what is taking place. This is why Artemis sportswear is in the process of figuring ways to cut back on some of their expenses and still increase the profit growth. The company has now realized were the majority of its money is being used in its day to day functions also known as “operational cost”. Salaries paid to employees, money spent on developing the company, and research activities are just a few knowing this the company can now allocate these excess funds to other areas of the company that will be more profitable. The people of Artemis Sportswear have come to realize that in order to improve production; the company has to find ways to lessen the cost of labor which in return will improve profit margin. There are a couple of options for the company which are to reduce domestic labor cost or to transfer productions to a lower cost foreign location which will allow the...

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