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Bones and Fools

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../ Refraction is the bending of a wave front as the wave front passes between two substances in which the speed of the wave differs ../ The angle of refraction 8r is the angle between the refracted ray and normal line ../ Refraction occurs when light's velocity changes ../ When light moves from one medium to another, part of it is reflected and part is refracted; the frequency of the light does not change during refraction ../ When the light ray moves from air into glass, the refracted ray is bent toward the normal; when the light ray moves from glass to air is bent away from the normal ../ The index of refraction is the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in a given transparent medium; indices of refraction are in the reference table ../ If the light moves from medium 1 to medium 2., Snell's law determines the angle of refraction 82: nlsin81 = n2sin82 ../ A lens is a transparent object that refracts light rays such that they converge or diverge to create and image ../ When rays of light pass through a converging lens (thicker at the middle), they are bent inward; when they pass through a diverging lens (thicker at the edge), they are bent outward ../ Farsightedness can be corrected with converging lenses; nearsightedness can be corrected with diverging lenses ../ The total internal reflection is the complete reflection that takes place within a substance when the angle of incidence of light striking the surface boundary is greater than the critical angle ../ The critical angle is the angle of incidence at which the refracted light makes an angle of 90° with the normal ./ Total internal reflection occurs only when the light moves from a medium with higher index of reaction to one medium with lower index of refraction ../ Mirage is produced by the bending of light rays in the atmosphere when there are large temperature difference between the...

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