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I. Introduction A. From the spring of 1992 to the end of 1995, the Bosnian citizens were under siege. For 44 months the Serbian opposition surrounded the Bosnians who forced them to survive on limited food trafficked through an underground tunnel. In addition to starvation, the Bosnians were subject to mortar attacks every day. By the end of the siege over 10,000 citizens of Bosnia were killed. In 1997, just two years after, Bono and U2 came to Sarajevo to perform for all Yugoslavians who were forced to share this territory. His show sold out and provided temporary happiness for people who have been through a lot. B. As citizens who appreciate equal opportunity, we should praise Bono in his attempts to eliminate inequalities throughout the world. C. Bono’s impact on the whole world can be depicted through his personal contributions to charity, and his service through the band U2.
II. Body A. Charity Contributions i. Actively tries to fight poverty and hunger. ii. Co creator of ONE campaign, RED, DATA and EDUN in an attempt to kick start trade to poverty stricken countries. iii. Donated $50,000 to One in Four Ireland which focuses on helping survivors of sexual abuse iv. (According to ONE’s updated 2014 financial data collected from their “About” page on the website Bono’s ONE campaign has raised over about $107 billion in the past decade to relieve debt in less fortunate countries v. On Super Bowl Sunday he teamed with Bank of America to raise money in the fight of AIDS B. Service through U2 i. U2 started in 1976 ii. U2 focuses some of their songs on historical events and politics (Bloody Sunday, Pride In the Name of Love) iii. U2 also has songs focused on poverty (Streets) iv. gathered other famous vocalists (Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed) to start Amnesty International’s Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1979
III. Conclusion A. Bono has changed millions of lives through his service through charity and his service through U2 B. As citizens who value equal opportunity, we should appreciate Bono’s attempt to fight inequality. C. Together we can end the cliché that hard work will always end in success. Together we can follow Bono’s footsteps and help eliminate the inequality of opportunity.

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