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Put the tick (() mark wherever applicable

1. Name of the Assessee: Mohammad Abu Baker Siddick

2. National ID No (if any) : 525501546008

|3. UTIN (if any): | | | |

14. Address (a) Present: Deputy Director , Anti Corruption Commission, Head Office , 1, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000 ........................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................

(b) Permanent: 8/2 Rankin Street, Wari, Dhaka-1203............................................. ........................................................................................................ .........................................................................................................

15. Telephone: Office/Business +88-02-9339162.. Residential: +88-02-9511884.......................

16. VAT Registration Number (if any): ..........................................................................................

Statement of income of the Assessee

Statement of income during the income year ended on .........30th June 2012.........................

| Heads of Income |Amount in taka |
|1. Salaries : u/s 21 (as per schedule 1) |499,200...

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