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Stephenie Meyer
The book that I choose to write review is Twilight. The book twilight is about the life of 17 years old girl, Bella Swan thattransfers to forks to live with her father. She is very simple and falls in love with Edward who turns out to be a vampire those affections with a vegetarian vampire family. Everything goes nicelyuntil other vampires come to fork and want to eat Bella. It’s a combination of a great love story with great action and suspense. The main idea of this story thoughts that the author would like to convey is human falling in true love with each other, sacrifice, physical isolation and fear.
Firstly love is one of the main ideas of this book. As example, Isa Bella, who prefers to be known as Bella, is a 17 year old girl. She leaves Phoenix, Arizona, to go living with her father in Forks, Washington, in the ambition of giving her mother the chance to travel with her new husband. She feels attracted to Edward Cullen when she meets him in Forks High School. When she determines that he's a vampire, her attraction blooms into full-fledged first love. Originally, Edward just wanted to eat her, but insufficiently realizes eventually that in fact what he is feeling is true love, and after a few days they start dating. After two or three weeks, Bella is begging Edward to turn her into a vampire because of true love.
Beside that love, sacrifice also the main idea of this book. Example, Bella is a selfless character. Not only does she risk her life to keep her mother safe, but she also tolerates a lot of personal discomfort for her parents' happiness. Bella sacrifices her own personal safety for the sake of love, and is even ready to give up her own human life to be with Edward forever as a vampire. Besides...

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