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6. There wasn’t really anything about Hitch’s educational background that was mentioned in the movie. But of course, before you can become a professional consultant, you have to at least have a graduate degree. His technical skills that I can discuss about are his communication skills. Observing from the way he converses with his clients, I can say that he is really well-skilled in communicating with others. He can give his clients quick answers with much sense.

7. Hitch has shown a lot of interpersonal skills while being engaged in something. He was able to show his capability of thinking logically and reasoning inductively and deductively. He never let money change his principles in life concerning his job, as well as let it make him do jobs that are against his morals. He was able to make good impressions to his clients and maintain a good relationship with them. And lastly, he never freaked out when new problems arise after the other. He always showed his clients that he is worthy of their trust.

8. The consulting process applied by Hitch in every engagement he had in the movie is exactly the same with what we have discussed. It started with him the identifying the problems of his clients and doing researches, then formulating alternative solutions to each problem. He then selects the best out of all those alternatives. After finding out the best alternative, Hitch then proceeds to the planning. After all the above mentioned steps are completed, the devised plan will now be placed into action.

9. The first barrier the Hitch experienced with his client in the movie is the inability to understand technical language. Since Hitch always uses metaphor when conversing with his clients, they might not get the technicality of some words Hitch says. So some words may give meanings different from what Hitch really intends to. The second barrier is the inadequate background or knowledge of the client. This barrier may lead to a misunderstanding between the consultant and the client, just like what happened in the movie. The client mistook Hitch’s job as a different one which kind of insulted Hitch.

10. The first lesson the movie taught is that the work of a consultant is not only about how give solutions to your clients’ problems, it also about how you are able to solve the problems you yourself encounter in every engagement you take. Because how can you make sure that the answers you provide your clients with are the best if you can’t even do the same with your own problems. The second lesson is that you should always believe in the product that you sell. Your product is what represents your capabilities and skills, and if you don’t believe in those, then how can your clients do so?

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