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Book of Matthews Research

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The Book Of Matthews

Terrell Campbell

Theology 210

Professor Lombardo

April 29, 2015 The gospel according to Matthew is one of the four canonical gospels, one of the three synoptic gospels, and the first book of the New Testament. The book of Matthew basically tells how the Messiah, Jesus Christ, rejected by Israel, finally sends the disciples to preach his gospel to the world. It does not so much indicate a literary genre but characterizes the contents of the book: good news about Jesus Christ. The book of Matthew may be considered a Midrash theological interpretation on the gospel of Mark. Matthew, whose name means “gift of the Lord,” was a tax collector who left his work to follow Jesus (Matthew 9:9–13). In Mark and Luke he is called by his other name, Levi.

Although the author did not record his name within the text itself, the first book found in the New Testament has historically been credited to the writing of Matthew, a tax collector and one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. Some New Testament scholars doubt the authorship of Matthew. The Gospel of Matthew, like all the other New Testament gospels, was originally anonymous and only attributed to Matthew, the disciple of Jesus, later in the second century. The author relied on Mark's Gospel for everything he knew about the life and mission of Jesus. There are two lines of evidence that proves the authorship of Matthew, the superscription of the ancient manuscripts and the patristic witness. According to NT scholar D. Edmond Hiebert, the first gospel’s “identifying superscription, ‘The Gospel According to Matthew,’ is the oldest known witness concerning its authorship.” Scholars believe the superscription was added as early as A.D. 125. The early church fathers were unanimous in crediting the gospel to Matthew. Hiebert claims, “The earliest is the testimony of Paplas, bishop of Hierapolis,...

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