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Today's Mexico is highly determined to become a full player in the globalizing international business(Negroponte,2013). Furthermore, Mexico is the 15th largest exporter economy of the world(Rao,2008). Therefore, Mexico is an attractive place for MNEs to operate. In early times, early civilizations(Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs) controlled Mexico. These civilizations were very hierarchical, power remained exclusively with the top few and undoubted loyalty was the norm(Rao,2008). Rao(2008) illustrated, because the aggression of the Spanish,
Mexico's culture strongly influenced by these invaders. Loyalty, hierarchy and absolute authority become the concepts of Mexican culture. Comprehending the cultural differences between Mexico and home country can influence a person's experience when he or she serves as an expatriate in Mexico(Villatoro, Chang & Lane). Hence, cultural differences is the first characteristic that lead to the failure of expatriates' assignment in Mexico.


to the Hofstede's national cultural dimension scores, Mexico ranked high on power distance(5.22) as well as in-group collectivism(5.71). As a result, substantial global firms do affected by the culture of high power distance and in-group collectivism. High-power distance represents inequality, which means unequal power between superior and his subordinates(Graf, Koeszegi & Pesendorfer,2012). High on in-group collectivism means a culture undoubtedly loyal to both their immediate and extended families(Rao,2008). Rao
(2008) clarified

collectivist cultures are composed by a very compact social structure

where members differentiate themselves very distinctly from in-groups(family, close friends, and so on)and out-groups(business contacts). What's more, numerous Mexican corporate do not prefer e-recruitment as other western countries like US(Rao,2008). Because of safety...

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